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Affiliates to the CHPE include public sector organizations, corporations, professional societies and associations, architectural and engineering firms and school districts. These affiliates play an integral role in support of the vision and mission for the CHPE. Public sector partnerships help support the CHPE mission by providing a forum for information exchange. Corporate affiliates help prioritize tasks and structure the CHPE research agenda while providing both direct and indirect support to student researchers. Partnerships with professional societies and associations provide a connection to practitioners for surveys, outreach, research support and information exchange. Affiliations with architectural and engineering firms also provide a connection to practitioners as well as interactions on design issues such as those involved with schools or modular construction, while providing practical opportunities for research results.

    Virginia Tech
    Council for Education Facility Planners
    United Solar Ovonic
    Ting Wall
    National Roofing Foundation
    Friendship RC
    Labs 21
    Rebuild America
    3M Worldwide
    Thermo Fisher Scientific
    Riverbend Nursery
    Department of Energy
    General Electric
    RCI Foundation